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Herb Kimble & Claire Reyes Discuss Best Telemarketing Practices

Herb Kimble and his partner Claire Reyes believe there is a correct way to conduct sales and marketing, specifically when conducted over the phone. Successful telemarketing can only be achieved with adherence to a set of basic principles that ensure customer satisfaction and high sales. The first step in running a successful sales and marketing company like Metis Apax is delivering professional communication. Service representatives should speak with a clear voice, utilize strong grammar, convey a polite tone, and demonstrate an understanding of appropriate business conversation. Conversation with clients should also be natural. While scripts are often necessary, communication should never feel inauthentic or out of sync with a client’s response. In addition, telemarketing correctly requires the consistent implementation of procedure; the rules service representatives must follow when speaking to clients should be effectively communicated and monitored by company leadership. One of the most essential components of effective sales and marketing is product knowledge. A sales representative’s inability to answer a product question is one of the surest ways to lose a customer; plus, the more a representative can speak on a product or service, the more effective his or her marketing will be. Finally, effective telemarketers must respond with congeniality, even in the face of client rejection. Though a sale may be lost, a sales professional should always end a conversation in a pleasant and appreciative manner.

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Herb Kimble on The Philippines

Effective marketing requires an understanding a target audience. Herb Kimble knows this well, as he successfully conducts professional sales and marketing in the Philippines. Because Herb understands the focused needs and goals of his clients in the Philippines, he’s able to implement a markedly different sales campaign compared to what might be necessary to attract clients in the United States. Understanding a target audience is important in sales and marketing for a number of reasons. When a business like Metis Apax knows who its clients are and what they want, they can more easily attract business, as clients recognize when their unique needs and goals have been prioritized. Researching the demographics of a target audience can influence the style of your marketing as well. Learn how to best reach your target audience, and craft a message with a style that is specific to their preferences. For example, the marketing approach an international cosmetics company might take will vary significantly between countries based upon the differing demographics and cultures, just as Herb’s approach to conducting sales and marketing calls to clients in the Philippines differs from the approach he might take with a client in the Midwest. Tailoring an approach to marketing is imperative to attracting the clients a business seeks.

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Herb Kimble is the proud founder and CEO of Metis Apax, a professional sales and marketing company based in the Philippines that has been in business since 2009. As Herb will attest, his successful sales and marketing business is the result of the implementation of proven strategies and practices. According to Herb, structure and discipline in the workplace are essential for success in the world of business. The successful culture of Metis Apax centers on these core principles, with firm yet fair expectations of leadership and employee performance to ensure customer satisfaction. These tenets of structure and discipline start with Herb himself, who leads with assertion, motivation, and focus, and who holds himself to the highest of standards. Herb’s own experience as a company leader has taught him that successful entrepreneurship is best learned through the practiced behaviors of structure and discipline. Industry experts agree that the most successful companies are those that prioritize these aspects in their business model. As a result of his belief in best business practices to deliver quality customer service, Metis Apax consistently provides quality call center agents, database/lead management, quality control/TPV, and exceptional sales management services to its many clients.

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